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Vores engangs ammeindlæg med Blue Lock ™ kerne er komfortable, ultra absorberende og designet til at passe til alle bryststørrelser.

De sikrer, at ammende mødre forbliver tørre nat eller dag, og med deres nye ultragode absorberingsevne kan de holde op til 20x deres egen vægt.

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  • Lansinoh Blue Lock Breast Pads
  • The Best for Baby voted number 1
  • Lansinoh Blue Lock Breast Pads
  • The Best for Baby voted number 1
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    I've just had my 2nd baby and forgot how much milk my boobs produce. It's shocking, so I started using these breastpads and they are amazing!!! They stay in place for ages and I've not once leaked.

  • guest

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    These breast pads are by far the best I have ever used, I can go hours between feeds with no leakage what so ever, they truly are amazing & worth every penny :)

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  • Produktfunktioner:

    • Blue Lock ™ kerne giver ammeindlægget mulighed for at holde op til 20x sin egen vægt
    • Superabsorberende polymer indkapsler mælken i kernen af indlægget
    • Designet til at holde sin form selv når det er vådt
    • Super blød, åndbar, stay-dry, vatteret for. Sikrer, at du og dit tøj forbliver tørt dag eller nat
    • Åndbart vandtæt ydre lag holder dit tøj tørt
    • Passer til alle bryststørrelser
    • Non-slip tape sikre pasform og holder hver pude på plads
    • Diskret, naturlig kurvet design. Ingen riller eller rynker
    • Individuelt indpakket diskret og hygiejnisk
  • Beskrivelse:

    De prisbelønnede Lansinoh engangs ammeindlæg har nu en Blue Lock ™ kerne, for at sikre fugtigheden forbliver indkapslet og er mere absorberende end nogensinde – de er i stand til at holde op til 20x deres egen vægt, mens de stadig holder deres form.

    Den bløde, stay-dry foring trækker mælken væk fra huden og ind i kernen af indlægget, hvor den absorberes af en speciel polymer for at forhindre lækage. Dette sammen med de to skridsikre klæbebånd holder puden på plads, og konturen skaber en naturlig pasform, der ikke lækker eller vises under tøj. Sikre, at mor føles tørrere, hurtigere og længere. Hver ammeindlæg leveres individuelt indpakket for nemhed og hygiejnens skyld – perfekt til at smide i en håndtaske eller pusletaske.

  • Produktdetaljer:

    • Fri for BPA og BPS
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    • Why are your pads so absorbent? What is polymer?

      The effectiveness of the Lansinoh pad lies in the construction of the product and the materials used in the production process. Through a unique process using heat and air, paper pulp is converted to “fluffy pulp”, which is then combined with a super absorbent polymer in the form of a powder. This mixture is sandwiched between layers of paper tissue. A non-woven fabric is then placed over the tissue to provide a stay-dry lining. This lining draws breastmilk and moisture away from the skin and into the core of the pad where it is absorbed by the super absorbent polymer, which turns into a gel. The layers of tissue surrounding the polymer further insure that the moisture is locked within the core of the paper pulp and polymer. This unique action keeps both the mother’s skin and her clothing dry.
    • My baby chewed on the pad and the gel came out – what should I do?

      The material that is used to absorb the milk is a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP).  It is similar to what is in baby diapers, in that it starts as a powder and once the milk hits it, it turns into a gel.  The SAP is non-toxic, however, it of course is not meant for ingestion.  If you do think there is a possibility that your baby did in fact ingest some of the polymer, contact your doctor and/or your local Poison Control Centre.
    • Why do you individually wrap each nursing pad? Isn’t that bad for the environment?

      We individually wrap each pad because it keeps each pad clean and hygienic and allows you to toss them in your bag without worry that they will not be sanitary when you use it.
    • There was gel on my breast when I went to feed my baby, what is it?

      The reason Lansinoh’s breast pads are so absorbent is that they contain a fine powder within the construction of the pad that is a super absorbent polymer (SAP).  When the milk lets down and begins to flow, the powder turns into a gel, which is the action that is keeping you dry.  If you noticed gel on your breast, it probably means that this leaked from the pad onto your skin either because the pad was torn or ripped prior to your using it or because the pad was too saturated with milk.  This could happen after a particularly big letdown or after wearing the pad for many hours. One option is changing your pad more frequently if you think that could be the cause.  Because our pads are so absorbent, it may not seem as though you are leaking a lot of milk but this is sometimes the case. Or, it could be the case that the pad was torn or slightly ripped and the polymer gel could have gotten onto your skin.  (If that is the case, we can offer a refund but explore other options first).
    • Are these recyclable?

      While there are components in the pads that are recyclable, the intact pad is not recyclable. We are working towards using more recyclable products. If you prefer to use a reusable product, you may wish to use the washable nursing pads.
    • Why are the disposable nursing pads so big?

      The unique shape is to allow for full coverage for maximum discretion under clothing. Also, the wider area allows for more absorption as the Super Absorbent Polymer is spread over the entire surface of the pad.
    • Do they come in different sizes or colours?

      No, they do not. Would you be interested in pads that do?  We consider feedback from our customers the most valuable information that we can ever receive and I would be glad to pass along your suggestions to our product development team.
    • Can I sleep with the pads in?

      Yes, many mothers find our pads very absorbent, especially at night. We recommend changing the pads during the night if they become saturated.
    • Are they made of plastic?

      The backing of the pad is tissue that has a thin layer of laminate in it. In order for the disposable pads to keep wetness in, this very thin layer of laminate must be used; otherwise, the leaking milk would get soaked in and soak out the back of the pad.
    • My pad keeps bunching in my bra, am I wearing it wrong?

      If you pad is bunching, we would recommend using the sticky tabs that are located on the back of the pad to keep it in place. You may also wish to completely remove the pad before pulling your nursing bra flap down which can sometimes cause the pad to get bunched up.
  • The Best for Baby – voted number 1 in Disposable Breast Pads

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